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Master Your Bake - Learn how to bake like a pro, relieve stress and let your culinary creativity run wild!

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Imagine their faces…

Your whole family is sitting around the table for dinner. You clean the plates away and tell them you’re going to bring out dessert. 

You hear grumbles under their breath

You know they’re not expecting much. Especially after last time. But today it’s different. 

As you bring out the fluffy crispy lemon meringue topped with light-as-air whipped cream, the whole room does a collective gasp.

Your skeptical kids ask in disbelief...

“Did make that?!”

You smile, then walk back to the kitchen to bring out more sweet delights…

A decadent white chocolate molten lava cake…

… home-made vanilla ice cream…

... buttermilk biscuits…

… and a plate full of chewy choc chip cookies still warm from the oven. 

You’ve just taken the crown as the "baking royalty" of your family…

… and those Sunday lunches, kids parties and seasonal gatherings will be the same again.

Before long, even the most unfriendly neighbor from two doors down seems a whole lot more keen to "pop round."

Everyone wants a slice of what you’ve been baking in the kitchen… 

… and you’re finally experiencing the true joy of baking for friends, family and yourself.

Now why I learned to bake well.

Because let’s be honest… 

Baking should relieve stress, not create it.

We’ve all been there; watching the oven like a hawk, flopping soggy bottomed sponge cakes onto the plate and wondering if we should have just bought from the bakery instead. 

Where did it all go wrong? Why is baking so hard? And will we learn?

It’s a shame really, because baking is good for us. In fact, scientists say baking can actually relieve stress. It’s also a great creative outlet. But for most of us, it’s the . 

- Denture-busting biscuits

- Dense and gummy bread

- Cracked and collapsed birthday cakes

- Deflated pastry

… and a whole lot of wasted time, money, frustration, shame…

(... not to mention that look of disappointment across our children’s faces on the morning of their birthday party.)

We see others show off their culinary delights on Instagram and wonder what they’re doing that we’re not.

We follow recipe after recipe and disaster strikes every time, to the point we’re convinced… 

“It must be my oven.”

And sometimes it might be, but nobody has ever told you how to fix that without having to spend $20,000 on a new one.

But in reality, it's things that cause baking fails. 

With the right techniques, baking can be forgiving. Things won’t fall apart, stick, crack, crumble or burn quite as often, if ever again, once you understand the golden rule of becoming a better baker…

Master the fundamentals first and the rest is easy.

When things go wrong in baking it’s because the are being missed. 

I'm talking about the hard and fast rules that nobody has taught you before.

Where most cook books go wrong… 

The reason cookbooks fail you is because most of them assume you know these rules, so they skip past them (or gloss over them at best.)

Which is why, despite all the books out there, the baking fails continue littering our Facebook newsfeeds every day. 

No matter how good the book, without learning and mastering the fundamental rules, baking will remain a constant source of frustration and potluck…

… instead of the joyful and relaxing pastime it’s supposed to be for you.

Your baking frustration ends here.

Today, you’re going to learn the baking rules, shortcuts, tips and tricks that will put the joy, calmness and creativity back into baking once and for all…

... and win you the gushing respect from friends, family and work colleagues for many years to come.


Master Your Bake

A professional chef’s guide to baking for fun, pleasure and praise. 

Inside this brand new guide you’ll discover everything you need to know from the lips of a professionally trained chef, food writer and baking lover who knows what it takes to create baked goods to the same exact standard every time.

The basic principles to Mise En Place and why this is essential for organized and stress-free baking that doesn’t take all day and end in frustration

3 simple tricks to make sure your measurements are always precise even without scales

● The real secret to mouth wateringly flakey pastry and indulgently fluffy sponge cake

● The dessert chef’s biggest secret for super fluffy meringues and light-as-air whipped cream every time

● The masterchef’s secret for sifting like a pro and avoiding dense, clumpy mixtures that send bread and cakes straight to the bin

● How real bakers fold dough for world class pizza bases, breads and other baked delights that most recipe books won’t tell you

The easiest way to separate egg yolks that never fails!

3 sneaky shortcuts to whip up biscuits, cakes and bread in half the time it takes most rookie chefs

How to make the choc chip cookies that are chewy, mouth wateringly tasty and guaranteed to save a party and impress your guests every time!

● The perfect pound cake recipe and baking method that never fails

How to make a tangy lemon loaf cake that leaves your whole family in awe and wanting more

● How to use the rubbing in method to make spectacular Cheddar Herbin Buttermilk biscuits

My “can’t lose” Sweet N Salty Maple Bacon Scones recipe you’ll want to pin to your fridge

● A drop dead simple One Bowl Vanilla Cupcakes recipe and method that’s so easy, you’ll never admit it to your friends or family (and OMG, the Buttercream is sooo good, you’ll be hooked.)

Seen a recipe that asks you to scald milk? Here’s 6 tips to do it the safe and easy way

● How even the worst bread baker in the world can make buttery soft brioche bread that melts in the mouth and turns regular lunch boxes and BBQ’s into culinary marvels (I use this to get my kids to eat all kinds of healthy goodness concealed in this brioche!)

● My Ooey Gooey Sticky Buns that will have your whole family smacking their lips and begging for another bite

● A shockingly simple way to make vanilla ice-cream that actually tastes and looks better than anything you’ve bought from a store or restaurant (and it only takes 10 minutes!)

7 secrets of blind baking to make perfect pies everytime

● The best dutch apple pie you’ll ever make or taste, period

The easy lemon meringue pie method that creates the perfect balance of light, fluffy and crunchy all at once

● A heart-warmingly rich pumpkin cream pie recipe that will have the whole neighbourhood wanting to “pop over” and become your new best friend

● 4 steps to quickly master the one bowl method in one afternoon and use it to make everything from pumpkin chocolate chip muffins to my infamous banana bread and easy CarZucchi vegan bread

Plus, you’ll learn 4 simple tips for whisking that will allow you to create a perfect consistency in your mixes and produce desserts that will go down in history including… 

● My easy light and airy sponge cake that will save any birthday, wedding, Easter or other celebration from a soggy disaster

● The eye-opening Zesty Chiffon Cake that will whisk your guests into a frenzy of “did they make that from scratch or buy it” whispers and rumours

● A “Light as Air” Angel Food Cake that will have you praising the lord for all things sweet.

My hugely popular "What the Fudge Brownies" that will keep even the most unruly kids and critical in-laws quiet for at least 10 minutes

● The Gingerbread Bundt Cake that completes Christmas

My Muffin Tin Decadent White Chocolate Molten Lava Cake that leaves jaws on the floor (and plates licked clean.)

And I'll cover the stuff most chefs won't tell you about making baking easy, fun and more affordable too including...

● What chefs know about storing different baking ingredients to preserve their freshness, quality, shelf life and saving you money (and avoiding the hassle of having to rush to the shops to buy ingredients you thought were good)

● A checklist of all the essential pantry items you’ll need to be prepared for an emergency bake off at any moment!

● A simple trick to reduce spills in the kitchen

● Why most mixers are a waste of time and money (and actually work against you in the kitchen)

● How to preserve the life of your mixer with 1 simple trick (99% of bakers don’t know this!)

● Insider tips from professional chefs on cleaning your equipment properly, avoiding contamination and costly damage

● How to “take back control” of even the most unruly oven (yes, even yours) so that your baking comes out perfectly every time

● A simple hack to clean ovens quickly, easily and without harsh chemicals

● How to choose the right pans for your specific dish (and why it matters more than you probably realize)

● Why non-stick pans could be destroying your cakes

● How to stop pans getting heat damaged when removing cakes from the oven and cooling them down

● How to stop everything sticking (parchment paper isn’t the only option)

● 8 practical tips for keeping your kitchen clean, tidy and organized before, during and after every bake to make baking fun, stress-free and relaxing every time

And so much more… 

What makes this baking guide different?

If you’re like us, you’ve got a lot of cookbooks on your shelves and most of them try to dazzle you with show-stopping dishes that, in reality, are nowhere near as easy as they claim. 

Why aren't they easy? 

Because it’s like trying to learn ballet when you don’t even know what shoes to wear. Or trying to do pirouettes when you can barely balance on one foot yet.


This guide starts where it matters.

By teaching the fundamentals of baking and applying the principles to create simple, delicious and affordable baked goods, even if it’s your first time with a rolling pin or whisking bowl.

When you’re tied to strict recipes and don’t understand the fundamentals of great baking, . And that’s just not as fun in the long run. 

Who is this guide for?

It’s for trainee chefs, at-home bakers, parents, grandparents and kids to learn how to bake like a pro, even with the most lacklustre oven and tools at your disposal. 

The question is...

Can you afford another bad bake-off?

Most of us can’t afford to throw away $100’s worth of ingredients because of another bake gone wrong. 

And we shouldn’t have to.

Invest in this short, simple guide and you’ll never have to worry about wasting good quality ingredients or hours of your day again.

Discover the timeless fundamentals of great baking that you’ll take with you through the rest of your life and pass down to future generations. 

● You don’t need fancy new equipment.
● You don’t need the finest ingredients.
● You don’t even need a big kitchen with the latest oven.

We promise, you already have everything you need to bake like a pro and make your grandma proud. All that’s left are the fundamental principles and sneaky shortcuts that you’ll find inside this book.

It’s time to make baking great again!

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars huddling up to strangers in a hot kitchen at some cooking class across town.

Whether you want to impress coworkers, wow friends or help someone who’s simply having a bad day.

Maybe you want to treat your kids to a special homemade treat made with love, or teach them and inspire them to cook for themselves one day?

Maybe you just want to have more fun in the kitchen and enjoy baking for what it really should be; a relaxing hobby that makes a house feel like home.

And maybe, just maybe, learning to bake so well that you can one day leave a legacy behind and pass down your knowledge to the next generation.

Above all, this guide should leave you with one amazing new ability. To escape the daily chaos and bring smiles, comfort and joy to the people you care about most.

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Master Your Bake - Learn how to bake like a pro, relieve stress and let your culinary creativity run wild!

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