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Cooking Without Culinary School - A Education In Cuisine Creation

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More often than not, they say that learning how to cook is essential. However, you would hardly hear anyone talk about “why” it is important to know how to learn to cook. Cooking introduces you to a world of customs, cultures, and flavors. It is undoubtedly a life skill. Besides, eating healthy, saving some cash, and cleaning are ways to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. This is not all; have you ever thought, is what you are eating is satisfying you?

In today’s world, we are all so busy and focused on productivity and happiness that, in a way, we almost forgot that our diet is correlated to our mental health too. It has all gotten about the frenzy of growthism.

So, whether you are a beginner cook or recently took up cooking as your hobby, this book will take you back to square one. It will help you master the art of cooking while adding some valuable information to the process. Cooking Without Culinary School, as they say, it.

What you will learn from this book:

- How to stock up on a pantry with necessary ingredients

- Pro cooking tips, which you may not find anywhere.

- Unique recipes from around the world.

- A little history or story behind every recipe.

- Small tips and tricks that will save you from a lot of hassle.

- How to cook while on a budget.

- How to make food in tons for guests when you invite people in.

Reasons you should learn how to cook:

- You can learn how to make your favourite food fast.

- It helps you save money for a rainy day.

- Say goodbye to bland, frozen meals.

- It helps you become more creative by creating your recipes.

- You can host parties and invite your friends to eat-in.

- It has the power to help you connect to people you love.

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Cooking Without Culinary School - A Education In Cuisine Creation

3 ratings
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